Phat Camp FAQs

What does Phat Camp stand for?
Phat Camp: Empowering women to live FITTER, HEALTHIER, HAPPIER lives!

Who is Nicole Wilkins?
You can find out more about Nicole at nicolewilkins.com 🙂

Will Nicole Wilkins be at the camp all weekend?
YES! Nicole is Phat Camp and without her there is NO camp. Nicole will train the entire weekend with you, have lunch with you, take pictures with you, give you a big hug, and spend as much one on one time with you as she can. Nicole will get up close and personal about her successes and failures. Its a great weekend with the champ!

What does the $150 deposit cover and is it refundable?
Camp deposits are NON-Refundable.  Each camp fills up fast so it is important not to take any chances on not getting your deposit in.

If for some reason you canNOT attend the camp you registered for, you can transfer to another camp for a small fee.  Email phatcamp@nicolewilkins.com if you wish to do this.

You could also transfer your deposit to a friend.  If you choose to do this, the money exchange is between you and your friend. Just make sure you send your request to the Phat Camp Staff at phatcamp@nicolewilkins.com.

When do I pay the balance payment for the camp and what is your refund policy?
The balance for the camp is due 4 weeks from the start of camp. This is refundable up to 2 weeks before the start of the camp that you are registered for. There will be NO refunds once your camp has begun. If you do not show but paid any amount of money, you do NOT get any money refunded. However, you can transfer any monies to another camp by paying the transfer fee and picking another location.  If you have questions, please contact phatcamp@nicolewilkins.com.

Does the Phat Camp fee include hotel, meals, etc...?
Hotel, lunch, transportation, and air travel is NOT included in the camp fee.  The camp cost is to cover your camp fee only. If you click on the link of the camp you will be attending, you will see the hotel and host gym for that location.  If you have questions on the hotel or travel, you can always email phatcamp@nicolewilkins.com and we will do our best to help.  Thank you for your cooperation on this.

What is your cancellation policy?
If you decide to cancel your spot at the camp we ask that you notify us as soon as possible. 90% of the time there is a wait list of girls trying to get into the camp.  Please email phatcamp@nicolewilkins.com.

Phat Camp does have the right to cancel any camp if there are NOT enough paid campers or registered campers for a particular city. If this happens, the camp will be canceled 2 weeks in advance, and all campers registered will be notified by the Phat Camp staff. Those who are registered will be eligible for a FULL refund or have the option to transfer their registration to another camp.

What does the fee for camp cover?
The Phat Camp fee covers two and a half days of information overload.  Nicole will be there to help answer any questions you have throughout the weekend on weight training, what to eat, when and how much, ways to stay motivated and more. You will learn weight training workouts for all muscle groups (including new exercises and how to perform them correctly), unique and fun cardio sessions, as well as nutrition and motivational seminars.  You work at your own pace and level and if there are modifications needed, Nicole and her staff will be available to assist at any time.

All workouts from the weekend will be written up and sent to you after the camp is over so you can take them with you when you are back home.  The best part about camp is that you will spend the weekend with like-minded women- all looking to improve some aspect of their life and learn in the process.  We are all here to support one another and there is absolutely zero drama allowed!

Is Phat camp right for me?
Phat Camp is a designed for women of all shapes, sizes, ages and athletic abilities. You do not need to be a competitor or in your best shape to attend.  Throughout the weekend you work at your own level.  And if you have injuries, don't worry- there are modifications for every movement.  If you are looking to get motivated again, learn new techniques, understand how to implement healthy nutrition into your life and meet women who share the same goals as you, then Phat Camp is where you should be!

Will I be too Fat for Phat camp?
Absolutely not! Phat Camp is for any woman, housewife, business owner, mother, and athlete-women of all shapes and sizes. This is where you come to get the motivation and information you are each looking for to help you in your journey. Everyone has a different story, a different goal, is at different fitness level, and comes to camp for a different purpose. You will fit right in!

What do I bring with me to camp? – List of questions for Nicole Wilkins
– Proper workout clothes and shoes – Paper or a journal to take notes – Competition shoes/suit for those of you who compete (we do offer posing on Sunday for those who are interested.  This is NOT mandatory) – Camera for pictures (NO video or video cameras are permitted) – Water Bottle – Gym Towel – Hair ties – Drivers License and medical info in case of emergency – Magazines or pictures you want signed by Nicole – Any past photos of yourself that you might want to share. WE LOVE before and afters and hearing your stories!
– Extra money for the camp store

What do I wear to camp?
You will be training all three days so come ready to workout!

What are the hours of Phat Camp and Retreats? (These are subject to change based on location)?
Friday is 4:30 p.m. till 8 p.m. Saturday 10 a.m. till 4 p.m. Sunday 8 a.m. till 2 p.m.

Schedules are subject to change depending on the city the camp is located. If you will be late, please send an email to phatcamp@nicolewilkins.com

Will I get an itinerary of the weekend?
You will not be receiving a detailed itinerary before camp starts because it is subject to change and we do not want the camp duplicated.  The schedule changes every location depending on the number of women that attend and the gym/equipment provided. We can promise you that your weekend will be nonstop and high energy. Once you have arrived at camp you will receive details of the weekend's schedule.

What workouts should I do the week of camp?
Throughout the weekend you will be doing full workouts for all muscle groups, so if you train the week prior to coming, make sure you are not worn out!  Rest up for the weekend- do not worry- Nicole will make you work 🙂

Should I be afraid of Phat Camp, will I fit in, am I to old?
If you are in a rut, need motivation, need new ideas, are looking to get inspired, then Phat Camp is for you no matter what your age. This is the most common question we get from women all over the world. Our oldest camper was 76 and our youngest was 13! We have new moms, daughters, grandmothers, business women, athletes, and much more.  We can assure you that you are never too old to attend!

Do I have to stay in the host hotel if I live local?
You do not have to stay in the host hotel. If you are traveling from a far distance or flying to your camp location then you are advised to stay at the host hotel, but it is NOT mandatory.

Is lunch provided each day?
Lunch is not provided. Everyone is on their own for lunch. We recommend you pack your meals so we can stay on schedule.

How do I get from the airport to the hotel if I am flying?
You are responsible for your transportation. However, you can contact phatcamp@nicolewilkins.com and see if there is anyone looking to share a room or a ride to and from the airport for your particular camp.


If you have any additional questions please feel free to contact the Phat Camp Staff at phatcamp@nicolewilkins.com

If I can't attend a camp, how long do I have to transfer to another camp?
You have 1 year to transfer from the date of your scheduled camp.