Aeryon Ashlie

I have been involved in the Canadian health and fitness industry in a variety of capacities for the past 15+ years. I started competing in figure and fitness modeling while training out of Toronto, ON. Over 7 years ago I was transferred and now live in BC working for Canada’s leading natural health products distribution company, Body Plus. After taking time off to have my daughter I began use my knowledge and expertise in a positive way to re-gain the strong and sexy body I had became so accustom too in my competition days. Last year with the convincing of my boyfriend I started competing again and went to all the way Canadian Nationals as well as the Arnold Amateurs. It was 10 years ago I attended my first Phat Camp in Calgary and several years later hosted the first Vancouver Phat Camp with much success. Phat Camp is not just a weekend of training but connecting with other girls in fitness, creating friendships, sharing our stories and walking away with a newfound motivation to accomplish and reach for all your goals. “I have no doubt that if you attend one of Nicole’s camps you will be hooked for life”.